1. simonleclerc:

    animation designs from back in the calarts’dayz

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  2. catfromwonder:

    Matt Rockefeller

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  3. grumperpants:

    Mavis concepts by Annette Marnat

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  4. letter-airy:


    Sif, by Kris Anka.


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  5. chiyome:



    Some harsh but very very true words

    Guys, this is the truest thing. If you think negatively about your stuff, other people will start to think negatively about it too. Furthermore, if you make yourself think positively about your stuff, eventually you will be positive about it without that positivity needing to be forced.

    Treat your art like it’s the best art in the world and chances are no one will notice the mistakes that are so obvious to you.

    Agreed with this.  Taking DD suggestions over at dA, nothing bothers me more than a self suggestor that doesn’t think their work is good.  It’s partly “if you don’t like this, why should I?” and partly “if you have this attitude to your own work and I give it a DD and it gets a bad reaction, you probably won’t be able to handle it”.  Either develop some confidence in your work or practice more before submitting it to someone for review, but do not submit it for review hoping to get a confidence boost; it’ll rarely end that way.

  9. asylum-art:

    Andre Ermolaev  Icelandic Landscapes Photography

    He is a Russian photographer whose latest series features trails of Icelandic rivers twisting through endless beds of volcanic ash

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  10. oktotally:

    Hat tip to The Craiggers for the idea for this image